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Montgomery County is the most populated jurisdiction in the state, home to one million people. Its total budget is $4.2 billion, nearly the same size as Los Angeles. Because of the County’s influence in Maryland and proximity to Washington, D.C., the passage of public financing in Maryland will reverberate across the state and the country. 

Montgomery County is approaching a majority-minority population, but the County Council does not reflect that diversity. 

Bill 16-14 will help change that. Check out this overview of Bill 16-14. Click here [PDF] to read the bill for yourself..

​Under this program candidates raise low-dollar donations from individual donors in their district to qualify for public funds. Once a candidate meets the threshold to qualify, donations of $150 or less are matched with public funds, with smaller donations receiving a higher match. In exchange, candidates agree to turn down large donations from special interests. Click here to read the bill and learn more about how public funding will work under this measure.

Watch this short clip to learn more about why there is strong support for this measure: 

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Montgomery County has the greatest opportunity to move quickly and aggressively in support of public funding in Maryland. Councilmember Phil Andrews has drafted a bill, cosponsored by all of the eight other members of the County Council. With your help, we can ensure that Montgomery County passes a strong model for public financing, receives significant public support, and creates a ripple effect that leads other counties to follow suit, as well as the state legislature.